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Checkpoint Caribbean

Listen to Checkpoint Caribbean Audio Recordings.  

On Checkpoint Caribbean on Sunday, May 21, repeated Wednesday May 23, regional political consultant Hartley Henry speaks about his career and gives his assessment of the political and economic challenges facing the region.

Join us for CHECKPOINT CARIBBEAN, Sunday at 2 pm on the Caribbean Super Station, repeated Wednesday evening at 8.

Email us at checkpoint@yourcss.net or submit your views via our MOJO page.

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Checkpoint Audio Recordings

As the collapse of Redjet remains a major discussion point across the Caribbean, former Barbados Tourism and International Transport Minister, Noel Lynch, and investor, Steve Hobson, say why low cost carriers cannot do well in the Caribbean and speak of a coming regional ferry service - aired March 25, 2012

An interview with former Barbados Foreign Minister, Dame Billie Miller, as she talks about her life and her view perspective on the region and the world - aired March 11, 2012

Revelations at the CLICO Commission of Enquiry and the interim results of a forensic audit into CLICO in Barbados have brought into sharp focus the state of financial regulation in the Caribbean as we hear from: Sagicor executive in Jamaica Ravi Rambarran, former Permanent Secretary in the Barbados Ministry of Finance, William Layne, and Guardian Newspaper Editor in Trinidad & Tobago, Anthony Wilson - aired March 4, 2012

Roberta Dowell looks at the sex industry in the Caribbean - aired January 29, 2012

Clico Discussion Pt. 1 May 1
Clico Discussion Pt. 2 May 1

Women tell their story of Domestic Violence in the Caribbean - May 29

Clico Discussion 2

Early Childhood Education - June 19, 2011

The House that Jack Built

The Trinidad & Tobago State of Emergency Debate - Sept 11, 2011

Building A Caribbean Film Industry - Sept 18

The Clico Commission - Carballo's evidence - Sept 25, 2011

We link up with Nationwide 90 FM in Jamaica to examine the implications of Bruce Golding's decision to quit as Prime Minister - Oct. 2, 2011

Jamaica's PM, Bruce Golding, addresses the Nation; panel assesses the speech - Oct 2, 2011

Andrew Holeness - The Chosen One - October 9, 2011

Guyana's elections - the result and the likely challenges from the country's first minority government - Dec. 4, 2011

Checkpoint Caribbean 07/24/11


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